Our Mission

ELiT’s mission is to strengthen existing leadership and foster
highly effective future leadership in the Jewish world.

Meet ELiT

Founder, President and Staff

Dr. Simcha Assaf Leibovich – Founder 

  • Creator of the ELiT Leadership Training Method.
  • Founder and Head of the Center for Leadership in Nature – a program based on principles found in ancient the Jewish sources. It is located in Neot Kedumim (Ben-Shemen Forest).
  • Academic Director, Israel Management Center.
  • Former Representative of the Executive of the World Zionist Organization in North America.
  • Editor of Hafalopedia – the encyclopedia for social activities.
  • Founder and editor of Ramah Program Bank.
  • Programs Adviser- the Center for Leadership Development in the IDF.
  • Consultant, Leadership and management development at the Israel Police and IPS.
  • Consultant to management development programs for Israel Aerospace Industries, banks and insurance companies.
  • International Advisor, Chabad JLI Leadership Development
  • Advisor, Center for leadership development program of the JDC in the Ukraine.
  • Head of Community and Social Education specialization at colleges of education.universities.
  • Facilitator in Hebrew and English.

Eyal Postelnik – President

Commercial Endeavors

  • Founder of E-DRIVE TECHNOLOGI Israel and Latin America.
    Founder of ROAD TRAK in Israel and Latin America.
  • Founder and President of MOTIONIZE AND PLAYERMAKER.
  • Partner at BELLINA: A network of Italian and Mediterranean health restaurants.

Community/Political Endeavors

  • Active member, AIPAC lobby for Israel.
  • Board member, Taglit-Birthright Israel.
  • Active member, IAC (Israeli American Council)
  • Active member, JNF and sponsor of the Lotem project
    in Israel.
  • Sponsor, JLI, the Chabad World Center
    for Jewish Studies.
  • Sponsor, Jewish education system in Georgia, Atlanta.

Our Moderators

Atara Volk Itzhaki

  • Expert in Group Facilitation, having worked with activist groups all over the world.
  • Specialist in Israel-Diaspora relations.
  • MA in Hermeneutics.
  • Advisor ELITand lecturer in Jewish identity in different frameworks.
  • Coordinator of leadership development projects in the Jewish world.
  • Training instructor, formal and informal educational settings.
  • Expert in ELiT Leadership Development.
  • Developer of international educational programs for young professionals from Israel and abroad.
  • Facilitator, women’s leadership programs.
  • Expert in developing Jewish leadership programs.
  • Expert in marketing and branding methods in New Media.
  • Facilitator in Hebrew and English.

Asher Lichtenberg

  • Expert in leadership development and organizational consulting.
  • Specialist in training development in educational and social systems.
  • Editor of the Hafalopedia – the encyclopedia for social action.
  • Training director and developer of ODT programs at the Center for Leadership Development, Neot Kedumim.
  • Supervisor, management courses in business and public organizations.
  • Lecturer and program leader for teaching staff at academic colleges.
  • Central Shaliach, Education and Community Affairs, Jewish Agency in North America.
  • Central Shaliach for education and community affairs in England.
  • Leads international conferences to educational initiatives.
  • Expert in the development of task teams.
  • Commanders’ Facilitator of the IDF and security forces.
  • Organizational consultant and facilitator at IAI.
  • Facilitator in Hebrew and English, the ELiT method

Zeev Arieli

  • Social-industrial psychologist and organizational consultant.
  • Specialist in manager development in hi-tech companies.
  • Former member of training and organizational development at Intel and Teva.
  • Personal consultant to business managers developing task teams.
  • Organizational development and implementation of changes in organizations.
  • Expert in advanced management methods of the educational resource.
  • Proven experience in improving organizational performance in four areas of expertise:
  1. Improving management effectiveness
  2. Improving team effectiveness
  3. Improving interfaces between organizational units
  4. Improvements and changes in the overall organization level
  • Expert in outdoor training ( ODT )
  • Experienced working with military units and security forces.
  • Experienced in facilitating groups from abroad.
  • Facilitator in Hebrew and English using the ELiT method

Danny Blondheim

  • Organizational development expert and consultant to managers seeking to enhance management skills.
  • Leadership development leader in indoor and ODT settings.
  • Personal and business coach.
  • Focuses on NLP and Mindfulness in integrative psychotherapy, for managers in business, public and non-profit organizations.
  • Specialist for working with educational teams.
  • Lecturer at the Academy: Lev Academic Center.
  • Advisor and facilitator at Bar Ilan University and Tel Aviv.
  • Leading workshops and processes for creative thinking.
  • Leading workshops for commanders in the IDF, and in the intelligence and security branches.
  • Accompanying development processes in the administrations and local authorities.
  • Developing teams and service systems in government offices and business organizations.
  • Guidance and working with Jewish organizations and populations from abroad.
  • Development of managers in high-tech companies.
  • Expert in ELiT method.
  • Facilitator in Hebrew and English.

Iris Sadeh

  • Organizational consultant (MA), group facilitator, personal trainer.
  • Expert in women leadership development with international experience.
  • Development and guidance in the “Maof” method.
  • Director of feedback and evaluation of the program Shakti leadership at San Diego University
  • Certified consulting and guidance from the global organization Conscious Capitalism
  • Expert in outdoor training (ODT)
  • Expert in the development of task teams.
  • Personal guidance and facilitation of Tim Kelly’s “True Purpose” workshops.
  • Expertise and experience in developing training for organizations.
  • Process guidance of managers.
  • Guidance in internal communications
  • Individual and group empowerment.
  • Personal guidance and workshops in career change.
  • Lecturer at conferences in Israel and abroad.
  • Facilitating ELIT workshops.
  • Experience with groups from abroad.
  • Instruction in Hebrew and English.

Yael David

  • Facilitator by the ELiT method at the Center for Leadership Development of the World Zionist Organization at Mount Herzl.
  • Doctoral student in Jewish Studies.
  • Founder and director of a Jewish school network in the small European communities of Alliance.
  • Leadership development among teachers and management teams.
  • Founder of the “HaShayara” project to strengthen Israel-Diaspora educational relations.
  • A Shlicha to Morocco and Director of AJJDC’s Department of Jewish Youth Education
  • Has extensive experience in formal and informal education in Israel and abroad.
  • MA in Jewish Education.
  • Develops programs for the development of Zionist leadership in the KKL-JNF Education Department.
  • Has leadership training in self-empowerment and empowerment groups.
  • Graduate of the cadets’ course of the Jewish people.
  • Languages: Hebrew, French, English.


Gabe Exler

  • Expert in guiding and managing educational tourism.
  • Developer and manager of social tourism.
  • Leads management development processes.
  • Facilitator and team development instructor.
  • Founder and leader of Beerot community in Be’er Sheva.
  • Leads marketing processes in the Jewish market in North America.
  • Expert in Jewish organizations in the United States.
  • Develop leadership training programs in the desert.
  • Training languages: English and Hebrew.
  • Master’s degree in Jewish community administration.

Gili Nir

  • Specialist in developing personal, community and social resilience and emergency preparedness
  • Director of the Judea and Samaria Resilience Centers
  • Member of the Israeli Trauma Coalition
  • Advisor to municipal authorities for setting up emergency teams and treating trauma
  • MA in Nonprofit Management
  • Director of International Resilience Development Programs
  • Advisor at the Center for Leadership in Nature, in light of the sources in Neot Kedumim
  • Leading travel and resilience in the world
  • In the reserves – a behavior officer in the Home Front Command
  • Facilitator in Hebrew, English and Arabic