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ELiT-Experiential Leadership Training

ELiT – experiential leadership training is developing a new generation of Jewish leadership worldwide. Elit offers young centric professionals from Israel and around the world, a unique experiential and inspiring approach to leadership by combing a mix of past and present knowledge and content. We believe that it is essential to identify, motivate and nurture the strengths and the abilities for personal leadership and management. Our leaders are shaping and initiating the change for the future of World Jewry.

Principles of the EliT Method

E-ncounter the leader within

Identify and develop each trainee’s unique strengths. Adapt the individual training program to enhance those particular qualities and increase the trainee’s effectiveness.
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Participate in group exercises, discussions and interactive workshops. Develop personal and group insights, thereby becoming a partner in the learning process. Such learning is both enriching and personally gratifying.
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I-dentify Jewish Sources

A Jewish leader should see himself as a link in a very long chain of Jewish History. The knowledge and skills acquired in this process are expanded with insights drawn from Jewish sources spanning biblical times to the present day.
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Apply newly learned skills to a real-life project.
Personal supervision begins during the workshop and continues long beyond.
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Robotrafic contest in cooperation with the Leadership training center is on its way

Good Luck to all contestants!

For the first time writing a Sefer Tora in Israel!!
Well, not the first time writing a sefer tora in Israel but for the first time the sefer is written in the location of the stories in the text itself.
Here, Mr. Eyal Postelnik the initiator, writing the letters of the connection between Bni Israel and the land of Israel at Mt. Herzl, together with Dr. Simcha Leibowich founder of the Elit method.

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