The Method

ELiT – Experiential Leadership Training

Our unique method of leadership development has been successfully implemented in communities and organizations around the world. The method is based on the development of the individual skills of each participant, and provides him with tools for personal growth through experiential learning, while connecting sources and leaders in Jewish history throughout the generations.

The goal of the program is to equip and empower existing leadership, and to nurture and motivate future leadership that will influence the future of the Jewish people.

Encounter The Leader Within

The first step in effective leadership development is to identify potential strengths, skills, and the leadership style of each participant.

A unique program is tailored in accordance to each training process allowing the participants to connect with their individual style and skills.

From here on, a personal program is tailored to each participant in accordance with his skills and style. As he becomes aware of the effective scope of his advantages, he learns the areas in which it is better to find partners or assistants who will help him while creating cooperation and synergy with them.

The process leads the participant to a deep awareness of its advantages and its shortcomings, and encourages him to act within the effectiveness of his abilities, which ensure success.

This approach increases the motivation and level of involvement of leaders in the program.

Experiential Learning

The learning process is based on experience.  Participation in exercises, events and workshops allows the participants to become an integral part of the process and he is thereby enriched through his personal experience.

A significant part of the learning takes place in natural settings while implementing our ODT -Outdoor Training- methodology.

Personal and group insights that emerge from such experiential learning are translated into principles and models anchored in theories, studies, and on-going research at the forefront of leadership and management development.

Learning occurs in the cognitive dimension, the emotional-affective dimension, and the experiential dimension.

Identify Jewish sources

The knowledge and skills acquired in this process are expanded with insights drawn from Jewish sources spanning biblical times to the present day.

We believe that a Jewish leader should see himself as a link in a very long chain that began in the days of Abraham and continues to this very day.

This learning strengthens the individual’s connection to his Jewish roots, deepens his consciousness and solidifies his Jewish identity.

Studying Jewish sources enables each participant to comfortably express his personal perception of Jewish heritage within an environment supportive of a “pluralistic” approach.


Knowledge and experience gained from the process are immediately applied to a personal project that the participant is required to create. We call this the practical work stage: planning, development and implementation of the project is done under the guidance of ELiT’s training staff.  Feedback from the facilitators and members of the training group creates a highly supportive, nurturing environment.

The project is divided into several stages.  At the end of each stage, the Elit training staff provide feedback for improvement before moving on to the next state.

Support and feedback are provided throughout the practical project ensuring the success of the leader.

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